Recombinant Festival

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RECOMBINANT festival is a showcase of 360-degree spatial cinema and sound, and live audio-visual performances developed in collaboration with Recombinant Media Labs over the last twenty years.


This San Francisco re-launch of the historic 10-screen CineChamber environment at the Gray Area Grand Theater propels audiences into a 'VR mindset without the headset'; which extends the single viewer platform of virtual and augmented reality into a shared experience of immersive panorama.


The surround screenings are followed by dynamic live enactments from trailblazing artists; the world premiere of Full Zero, a controversially seductive-yet-disturbing, A/V performance by Ulf Langheinrich; the return of the seminal Motion Control MODELL 5 epic by Granular Synthesis; William Bennett's fearlessly percussive voodoo electronic / noise project Cut Hands; and culminating with a rare re-engagement of Maryanne Amacher's massive multichannel tour-de-force Plaything


A five-day series starting with three nights of screenings in the iconic CineChamber. The final two days of the Festival include the Re-cog-ignition Symposium and two nights of wraparound audio-visual performances. Each CineChamber program runs twice a night, with tickets sold separately for each screening. A Festival Pass can be purchased for admittance to the full Festival program. View Detailed Program.

Wed 28th Sept, Thurs 29th Sept, Fri 30th Sept

18.30 – 19.30 CineChamber Classics
20.00 – 21.00 Panorama Paranormal
21.30 – 22.30 CineChamber Classics
23.00 – 00.00 Panorama Paranormal

Sat 1st Oct

20.30 – 21.00 Modell 5, Granular Synthesis
21.45 – 22.30 Full Zero, Ulf Langheinrich
23.30 – 00.30 Cut Hands

Sun 2nd Oct

16.30 – 18.30 Re-cog-ignition Symposium
19:00 – 19.30 Modell 5, Granular Synthesis
20:30 – 21.15 Full Zero, Ulf Langheinrich
21.45 – 22.45 Plaything, Maryanne Amacher



Gray Area / Grand Theater
Sep 28th to Oct 2nd, 2016

Gray Area has retrofitted the historic Grand Theater with modern day sound, lighting and visual capabilities. Located in the vibrant Mission District of San Francisco, the renovation of this 1940s, 10,000 square foot theater brings back a historic cinema to the creative community at a critical time in the city's history.