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 Masako Tanaka


Masako Tanaka

Tokyo born Masako Tanaka is a panoramic pioneer of CineChamber's ten-channel format. The marvel, mystery and full measure of her spatial organisms flock and engulf the viewer.

Halveplane V.4 + Flam V4.1

Masako Tanaka: Visuals, Markus Popp: Sound

Halveplane V4 + Flam V4.1 is a visual representation of Markus Popp’s Ovalcommers (early 2000’s period), delving to visually simulate fragmentary and densely-layered sound blasts with irregular textured and complex percussive elements. Listeners perceive Oval’s intricate integration of processed audible electrical glitches and tonal instrumental sources alongside Masako Tanaka's ephemeral visual materials.

RML masa Frame Grain

Frame Grain

Frame Grain is the re-materialization of fragmented film footage, recombined, collaged and stripped of their theatrical narrative structure, and re-synthesized for panorama pandemonium.