At Gray Area: V.Dream by Li Alin, The Chamber of Cerebral Geometry by Craig Dorety and Bloom by Ken Goldberg

V.DREAM is a Virtual Reality installation by Li Alin in collaboration with Ulf Langheinrich & Michael Saup that uses the technological potential of sound and visual immersion of VR to induce the natural phenomenon of lucid dreaming (a dream where we are conscious that we dream).

Close your eyes. Put your headset on. Let the V.DREAM generator send complex pulsating lights patterns, colors and sounds to your brain and enjoy the uniqueness and richness of your perceptual world, memory and vision. The best VR is in us.

The effect of using the V.DREAM machine makes your conscious and unconscious perception alive. With the ability to use your thoughts, memories, associations and visions you enter into a hallucinatory, dreamlike environment where nothing is as it seems. Feeling like ‘ flying in space’, ’deep under water’ or ‘walking through the fields’ your senses creates new environments and dreams lead by your own personality.

The Chamber of Cerebral Geometry by Craig Dorety

Craig Dorety works mostly with light and concepts of how humans perceive it. Rooted deeply in modern color theory and science, my concepts are supported by the historical work of Johannes Itten and Josef Albers (Bauhaus), by Sir Isaac Newton’s experiments with prisms and light, and by the theory of Quantum Electrodynamics as described by Richard Feynman. He was inspired to work with colored light mainly by his experiences with ocular migraine. These migraines cause distortions in his vision, and it was these distortions which led him to pursue concepts of reality vs perceived-reality and optical illusion work in his projects.

Bloom by Ken Goldberg

In this internet-based earthwork, ground motion along the Hayward Fault in California is detected by a seismograph and transmitted continuously via the Internet to generate an evolving color field. Bloom incorporates the same seismic data as the mementomon . The mood of the piece was decidedly upbeat, exuberant, colorful and playful—replacing pessimism with optimism. The blooms resemble the representations of earthquake magnitude found on maps.