Li Alin

Home city: Berlin, Germany

Since 1995, Li Alin interdisciplinary production deals with energy transfers and their singular qualities. From one medium to another, through reality and virtual, what is gained, what is lost, which is the copy or the original? How are the particular states of matter and incarnations perceived?

Her latest project virtual reality installation, Enter Me Tonight (EMT has been presented at the Haus der Elektronischen K√ľnste in Basel, at Cynetart in Dresden, at REpublica in Berlin and at Digifest in Toronto. Her new V.DREAM installation was supported by the Canada Council for the Art and will be premiere internationally at the BIAN.

V.DREAM is a Virtual Reality installation using the technological potential of sound and visual immersion of VR to induce the natural phenomenon of lucid dreaming (a dream where we are conscious that we dream). Close your eyes. Put your headset on. Let the V.DREAM generator send complex pulsating lights patterns, colors and sounds to your brain and enjoy the uniqueness and richness of your perceptual world, memory and vision. The best VR is in us.