Antimatter is the sound recording of Christopher [aka.Xopher] Davidson : an ongoing exploration into the material of sound. Exploring a multiverse of of sound worlds from the subatomic drift to the subharmonic long wave in his lab the treatment center ; comprised of oscillators, pulse generators, filters, modulators, an analog computer, and absurd cable adapters. He has also performed as a member of the groups Splendor Generator, Circular Firing Squad, Citizen Band,  and 45/102. As mixure151 he has mastered / mixed a catalog of sound works ranging from Kid 606 to to Iannis Xenakis.

His collaborations with Zbigniew Karkowski include concerts from Isla Vista, California to Venice, Italy and a series of recording projects: the seminal Function GeneratorKHzDivide by Zero, & Processor. He has, to date, released 4 solo albums as ANTIMATTER : TransfixionAntimatter Vs. AntimatterOur Lady of the Skies, and Reset, and he is in the process of mixing several new projects for 2018-2019: deconstruct, deprogram, degauss, derail, decalibrate.